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Health and Social Care Research

An overview of health and social care research for Patient and Public Research Partners

What is health and social care research?

Health and social care research is about finding new knowledge that could lead to improvements in health and social care delivery.

Why is health and social care research important?

Health and social care research can help us to:
• Ensure health and social services are relevant to you and the public
• Address the needs of all in care delivery, especially those who face challenges
• Evaluate the impact of changes in care delivery
• Identify the best use of health and social care dollars.

What are the stages of Research? Examples of Ways I might be involved in health research:
STAGE 1: Develop a Research Plan

A research study begins with a research question and a plan to answer that question.

• Helping researchers figure out the questions they should be asking and what outcomes are important
• Helping plan how to recruit participants
STAGE 2: Collect Relevant Data

Data collection involves gathering information to answer the research questions. Some sources include interviews, surveys, and focus groups.

• Recruiting participants on behalf of the team
• Giving feedback on the interview questions to ensure they are clear and relevant
• Assisting in collecting survey and interview data
STAGE 3: Analyze Data

Data analysis includes summarizing data, documenting results, and forming conclusions.

• Assisting researchers to analyze the data gathered in the study
• Helping to make sense of the findings
STAGE 4: Share Results

Sharing results involves communicating the most relevant messages to the right audiences.

• Helping researchers develop key messages
• Giving input into reports and publications
• Giving talks informally and at conferences

Will you be paid and acknowledged?

Absolutely! As a Patient and Public Research Partner, you will be paid for your time and travel costs. Your input will be acknowledged, as we value your insights.

What is your commitment?

You can decide with the research team what activities interest you most. As a research partner, you can decide how much time you can commit. You can decide when you want to start and stop taking part in the research.