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Spreading nursing best practice guidelines in community-based settings: Enhancing evidence-based care of older adults


A qualitative Grounded Theory approach was used. Four home care organizations in Ontario that had implemented best practice guidelines related to older adults (i.e., falls prevention, pain management, management of venous leg ulcers) participated in the study. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 8-12 front line providers, managers and directors per site at baseline (n=44) and one year later (n=40). Participants discussed their involvement in the process of spread, perceived facilitators and barriers to spread and outcomes related to spread. Open, axial and selective coding and constant comparison analysis were used to develop a theory of the process of spread.

  • Maureen Markle-Reid
    Professor and Canada Research Chair in Person Centred Interventions for Older Adults with Multimorbidity and their Caregivers
    McMaster University School of Nursing
    Scientific Co-Lead, MIRA Collaborative for Health and Aging (OSSU SPOR Research Centre)
  • Jenny Ploeg
    Professor Emeritus
    McMaster University School of Nursing
    Department of Health, Aging and Society
  • Barbara Davies
  • Kathy Higuchi
  • Heather McConnell
  • Wendy Gifford

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