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Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Older Adults, Family Caregivers and Healthcare Providers

Little is known about how older adults with MCC, family caregivers and health-care providers manage MCC in Canada. Patients face several challenges in managing MCC, including lack of care coordination; limited resources to support self-management; difficulties in managing multiple, often interacting, medications; and inadequate emotional support. Approaches that incorporate the perspectives of clients, family caregivers and providers will likely result in better outcomes in managing the complexity of MCC.

This study will result in a better understanding of how older adults manage MCC; factors influencing their ability to manage; and their preferences for care. The study results will also help to guide decision-makers in the design and implementation of community-based primary health-care interventions to support older adults with MCC and their family caregivers, focusing specifically on their preferences for and goals of care.


Publication in BMC Geriatrics


Research Brief



  • Jenny Ploeg
    McMaster University - School of Nursing
    Department of Health, Aging and Society
  • Kimberly Fraser
    Assistant Professor
    University of Alberta
    Faculty of Nursing
  • Nancy Matthew-Maich
    Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology
    Health Science Research & Innovation
  • Sharon Kaasalainen
  • Maureen Markle-Reid
  • Nancy Matthew-Maich
  • Carrie McAiney
  • Janice Keefe
  • Anna Emili
  • Ross Upshur
  • Sinéad Dufour
  • Jennifer Plenderleith
  • Laura Cleghorn
  • Jonathan Lai
  • Sandra Foster
  • Madelyn Pellow
  • Anna Garnett
  • Ashley Cornish
  • Hannah O'Rourke
  • Lisa Garland Baird
  • Amina Wu
  • Andrew Perrella
  • Katie Aubrecht

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