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Evaluation of a Transition Intervention for Family Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Chronic Conditions

With the number of Canadians with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) growing, supporting family care partners of persons with AD is critical. Family caregivers provide about 90 per cent of in-home care for persons with AD, and the care is often difficult due to co-morbidities in persons with AD. Family caregivers of older persons with AD and MCC experience significant, complex, distressing transitions such as changes to their environment, roles and relationships, physical and mental health, isolation, and taking on new tasks. A Transition Toolkit was developed for family caregivers of persons with AD living at home, to support caregivers through transitions and increase their self-efficacy, hope, and quality of life (QOL).

Through this pragmatic mixed methods randomized controlled trial we expect to find that family caregivers receiving the Toolkit plus volunteer support will show greater improvement in hope, self-efficacy and QOL, at no additional cost from a societal perspective, compared with those receiving the Toolkit alone or usual care. The results will inform policy and practice as the Toolkit can be easily revised for local contexts and scalable in terms of posting on websites such as the AD Society.


Publication in BMC Geriatrics

Publication in Journal of Medical Internet Research 

Publication in Journal of Medical Internet Research

Research Summary


  • Wendy Duggleby
    University of Alberta
    Faculty of Nursing
  • Jenny Ploeg
    McMaster University School of Nursing
    Department of Health, Aging and Society
  • Carrie McAiney
    Associate Professor, Schlegel Research Chair in Dementia
    University of Waterloo
    School of Public Health and Health Systems
  • Maureen Markle-Reid
  • Dorothy Forbes
  • Sunita Ghosh
  • Shelley Peacock
  • Allison Williams
  • Tracey Chambers
  • Meghna Mahajan
  • Tracy Wildeman
  • Loreen Pollard

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