Aging, Community and Health Research Group (ACHRU)

McMaster University

Study 14

EMBOLDEN Trial: Enhancing Physical and Community Mobility in Older Adults with Health Inequalities Using Community Co-Design

Reduced physical activity (PA) and the ability to carry out activities of daily living (ADL) commonly associated with aging, are recognized precursors to frailty, increased hospitalizations, and premature death. Despite well-established benefits of multi-faceted PA and dietary behavioural change interventions for older adults (e.g., improved cognition, physical performance), optimal design features of such interventions are ill-defined. Co-design is a research approach that engages target populations and research stakeholders to ensure better alignment of research with existing community programs, assets that can be leveraged, and applicable and appropriately contextualized experiences of older adults. The aim is to co-design an intervention that has mobility at its core. The team will implement and evaluate an innovative community intervention that targets physical and community mobility, nutrition, social participation, and system navigation. This interdisciplinary team draws on expertise across several Faculties and academic units. The team has also engaged community-based older adults and providers as key research partners, ensuring a strong foundation for partnership, achievement of the proposed objectives and potential for real-world impact.


Funders: McMaster Institute for Research on Aging, Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging

  • Rebecca Ganann
    Assistant Professor School of Nursing, Co-Investigator ACHRU
    McMaster University
    School of Nursing
  • Stuart Phillips
    Director Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE)
    McMaster University
    Department of Kinesiology