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The Costs of Aging-in-Place for Frail Older People: Understanding the Resources and Supports to Stay at Home


This systematic scoping review study aimed to identify the needs of older people to remain in their homes as they face health and functional changes, and map the societal costs of meeting those needs (i.e., including those faced by families and health and social care systems). The study took an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach to understanding the needs of older people, and recognized that the costs of creating a supportive environment for aging in place are borne by individuals, and families, even with support from community organizations and government agencies. 

This study contributes to a body of knowledge related to how to optimize health care spending, how to ensure frail older people receive quality care, and support decision making by the frail elderly and their family members about proactively planning for aging in place.

Funders: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Nova Scotia Continuing Care Department of Health and Wellness, School of Occupational Therapy, Dalhousie University

ACHRU News: New Study: The Costs of Aging-in-Place for Frail Older People

  • Ruth Martin-Misener
  • Rebecca Ganann
    Assistant Professor
    McMaster University School of Nursing
    MIRA Collaborative for Health and Aging
  • Grace Warner
  • Marilyn Macdonald
  • Angus Campbell
  • Ron Swan
  • Elaine Moody
  • Lori Weeks
  • Shelley McKibbon
  • Jenny Ploeg
  • Lynn Shaw