Aging, Community and Health Research Group (ACHRU)

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New Series of Brochures on Patient and Public Engagement

Are you a patient, caregiver, or community member who would like to partner with researchers to support research that could lead to improvements in healthcare delivery for older adults? If you’ve answered yes, you will want to read on.

We’ve developed a series of six brochures on Patient and Public Research Partners for people like you. Over the last several months we’ve consulted with patients, caregivers and community members on how we can recruit and orient these valuable partners like yourself to engage as a research partner.

The result is a series of six pamphlets below:

 1. We need you: Get involved as a Patient and Public Research Partner!

2. About health and social care research

3. Developing the research plan

4. Collecting data

5. Analyzing data

6. Sharing findings

To access these brochures on our website click here or visit the Patient & Public Engagement tab on the home page of our website.

This project was funded by the Labarge Foundation.

Published on: May 28, 2019

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