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ACHRU Trainee Anna Garnett Receives a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

For Anna Garnett earning her PhD is the realization of a long-term goal that enabled her to build her skills as an academic researcher while drawing on the skills, knowledge and experience she gained during her professional and clinical career. “I am honored to be able to use all of these skills in my position as an assistant professor in the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing at Western University.”

We asked Anna Garnett about the journey to her PhD.

Q. What is the title of your thesis? Can you please describe it?

A. The title of my thesis is: The Access and Use of Formal Health and Social Services by Caregivers of Stroke Survivors: An Interpretive Description. My work consisted of an in-depth exploration into the experiences of stroke caregivers in accessing and using health and social services to support them individually and in their caregiving role. The study sample consisted of two main groups: stroke caregivers, and health providers who care for caregivers and stroke survivors. The findings of this research increases our knowledge and understanding of the experiences and the factors that influence caregivers’ ability to access and use formal health and social services during the post-stroke trajectory.

Q. Why did you focus on this area of research?

A. My PhD research builds on the quantitative skills I used during my MSc where I explored health and social service use in a different population. Based on my clinical work, I was aware that stroke caregivers, particularly those who were older adult stroke caregivers, faced many challenges in the area of service access and use in community settings. To date much of the research on service access and use has focused on the acute phase of stroke management; therefore I chose to focus on understanding service access and use in the post-acute phases by stroke caregivers who were situated in community settings.

Published on: November 26, 2019

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